Company Introduction

MOON GROUP was founded in 2010, which is TOP 1 manufacturing & trading group of cigarette rolling papers (RYO Papers) in China, and we mostly specialize in manufacturing “MOON” brand cigarette rolling papers, RYO filters, tobacco accessories, etc.

MOON GROUP set up the first factory in Shanghai in 2011, which has about 40 persons now with nearly 2000 square meters area. Besides, we purchased a new set of the most advanced producing line, which includes gumming – cutting - packaging processes and makes the full-automatic efficient production come true. By the line, we are the biggest manufacturer of RYO papers in China with the production capacity of 30 millions booklets a year. The second new full-automatic production line will be started up at the end of 2015, and our capacity will be double to 60 millions booklets a year at that time. The factory has ISO and F.SC certifications, so our products are high quality by these strict standards in the producing processes.

In 2012, we reached a strategic partnership with the largest manufacturer of cigarette papers China - MUDANJIANHENGFENG PAPER CO., LTD (Listing Corporation,Code: 600356), and established a laboratory of cigarette rolling papers to research and develop. Every year, we put lots of resources to research and analysis markets, to develop new products, to improve the qualities. All of our material RYO paper bobbins are from HENGFENG PAPER with high quality.

Currently, the sizes and specifications of “MOON” brand RYO papers are basically covered the global popular requests. It includes Short Size (36*70mm), 1-1/4 Size (45*77mm), King Size Slim Size (45*108mm), King Size (54*97mm) and Roll Size, etc. For all kinds of sizes, the papers are from 20gsm wood pulp to 12gsm organic pure hemp pulp.

MOON Green series are the flagship products in MOON brand RYO papers, which are 100% pure hemp paper with 13gsm and well-sold due to outstanding performances and perfect tastes of smoking. The MOON Unbleached series are new products with the same 13gsm of unbleached papers, which are very popular in RYO smokers as their health concept of non – beaching and the original colors just like tobacco. Specially, All of the low-gram MOON papers are slow burning. The papers not only take perfect quality and wonderful smoking experiences to you, also save tobacco leaves for you. Recently, technologists of MOON GROUP are researching and developing the 11gam rice paper and more new products. Many new collections of MOON will be put into the markets in the near future.

MOON GROUP offers the OEM service of RYO papers to customers. We can produce with customized labels, packaging designs, watermarks and so on. Whatever you are a small distributor / a tobacco store / all kinds of groups, just up to USD 500 dollars, you will have the quality products of RYO papers with your own labels and designs, as a gift, as a goods, to start your RYO business right now.

The product concept of MOON RYO papers is: “affordable and east-to-use”. And the concept of MOON GROUP is: “customer foremost, service first, quality best,  for long term”. We have enough confidences and strong capabilities to be a reliable business partner of you.

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